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How solar can slash your energy bills by up to 70%!

Why Choose Solar Energy for Your Home?

Looking for a powerful, clean and cost-effective energy solution for your home? Join over 1.5 million people who are embracing the power of the sun with solar energy and battery storage solutions from MyHomeSolar. Your path to green, cost-efficient energy starts here.

Unleash the potential of solar energy and transform your home into a hub of clean, green and cost-effective power. There’s a world of benefits to discover when you switch to solar.

Harness Feel-Good Energy for Your Home

Choosing solar is a unique decision, just like you. At MyHomeSolar, we understand this. We install solar and battery systems as individual as your home, customised to your energy consumption needs.

We’ve partnered with thousands of homeowners, designing bespoke solar systems to meet their unique requirements. Our experience has given us unique insight into why people choose to go solar, and how it benefits them.

The Power of Solar: More than Just Savings

Solar energy does more than just save you money – though with savings of up to 70% on your bills, that’s a compelling benefit. Solar is also your shield against energy inflation, a cost-cutter for electric vehicle owners, a step towards reducing carbon emissions, and a path to reducing grid dependence.

Beat Energy Inflation

Beat Energy Inflation

As energy costs continue to soar, solar energy provides a barrier against these rising costs. Why pay more when you can generate your own power?

Drive Electric

Drive Electric

Considering an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid for your next car? Solar can dramatically cut your motoring costs, making EV charging at home more affordable.

Save On Bills

Save On Bills

With solar, you can save up to 70% on your electricity bills. That’s a significant saving that will benefit your family for years to come. 

Help the Planet

Help the Planet

Choosing solar is choosing a greener future. Solar panels have a positive carbon effect after just 1.5 years, helping the world move towards a low carbon future. 

Car in front of solar panels plugged in to an EV Charger

More Reasons To Go Solar

Solar pairs beautifully with Car EV chargers, seen as the future of home and transport. It also prepares you for a future of increasing in petrol prices use driven by new technology and the impending bans. Plus, solar is an investment that can deliver significant savings over a 25-year period on a standard size and affordable system. Also if you’re thinking of adding a hot tub to your home, solar can help offset those running costs.

Engineer installing solar inverter

Understand the Power: How Do Solar & Battery Systems Work?

Convinced of the benefits of solar? It’s time to delve into how it all works. Today’s solar and battery systems are more advanced than you might think, with the true power of the sun unlocked by fully integrated solar panel and storage battery systems. Find out more about how solar energy can transform your home and save you money.

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